Fresh off yesterday’s Fortnite toy reveal, Hasbro today announced an even larger line of Overwatch action figures, plus other toys coming this year.

The figurine assortment involves nine of Overwatch’s cast, among them a couple of two-packs of related characters and a giant-size fully poseable Reinhardt with a hujungus Barrier Field.

GameStop is offering all of these toys for preorder right now. (They’re linked in the descriptions.) Here’s the lowdown:

• Solo figurines are $19.99 and all are six inches tall. The characters launching in Spring 2019 are Lucio, Sombra, Tracer and Reaper in his Blackwatch Reyes form.

• The two-packs are $39.99 and pair off Phara with Mercy and Soldier 76 with Ana.

• Reinhardt is the same scale at six inches tall, but because he’s so, erm, wide he gets his own $49.99 SKU. He comes with a Barrier Field and Rocket Hammer.

All the action figures are expected in Spring 2019.

Other toys coming this spring include three Microshots mini-dart blasters ($9.99 each) based on Lucio, Mei and Roadhog’s gear and an Overwatch collector’s edition of Monopoly ($49.99).

Then, this fall, Hasbro is offering an assortment of $19.99 masks (including Genji and Tracer) just in time for Halloween.

Hasbro says everything will be “available at most major toy retailers nationwide.”


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